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Generate 5k Potential Buyers in 7 Days that Convert. Numbers Don't Lie! 

EXCLUSIVE 6 week Live Online Training Course with Monet Colbert - CEO Brand Strategist 

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  • Penny Marketing Strategies - Hacks that WON'T break the bank but WILL fill your pockets
  • Email - Build your OWN email list with 200+ qualified buyers 
  • Social Proof - Gain 10k + followers on your Facebook business page while turning your Instagram on autopilot ( You've already seen LIVE what I could do in 4 days. Now, imagine how many new customers YOU could have in 6 weeks ♡) 
  • C.U.R.B ™ appeal - My growth hack methodology that got my product in big box stores.
  • 2019 Action Plan - Not only will you have a plan, but an accountability team right behind you to the end, making sure that 2019 is your best year in business. 

"As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to stay focused when things are ever changing. Working with Monet has been very helpful because she has the ability to help you get unstuck by asking you the tough questions that get you to your "why". That is the most essential part of the process of being an entrepreneur or even a beauty professional. There is no one size fit all and she has the openness and resourcefulness to help you. I know that because it has helped me."

Ashleigh Demi - Owner, Bridal Business

"Shades of Monet does an amazing job with handling our social media. They do a great job at showing who we are as a brand by showcasing our culture at Keri Gold. The team looks forward to the days when Monet shows up with her camera to highlight their work. She engages them on a level that they can easily relate to because of her knowledge and understanding of the business. She teaches them how to maximize their own pages and individual businesses with the Keri Gold business."

Jeffrey Snow - Salon Owner 

If the answer is "YES," then you're ready and so am I! I'm accepting applications for my #ITFactor Master Class 

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April 2019

ONLY 20 Seats Available  

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